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30 March 2023
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Photo from Interplas 2021
Arburg hosted a “Partner Summit” in Lossburg. This anniversary event was Arburg’s special way of thanking its long-standing technology partners and suppliers, without whom the unique success story of “100 years of the Hehl family company” would not have been possible.
arburg sustainability
PP-R and PP-RCT pipes, copolymers of polypropylene, have rapidly established themselves on the market in recent years due to their unique chemical and mechanical properties and the associated benefits in terms of performance and low environmental impact.
Bausano lines allow each metre of pipe to be extruded to predefined specifications.
green valley with wind turbines
Petford Group was looking to further modernise their manufacturing operations, help them improve OEE, reduce scrap, streamline reporting and remove manual record keeping, so in September 2021, they implemented Intouch across their machines, including 9 injection moulding machines, a welder, and a robot cutting saw.
new D W plastics expansion
ICS Cool Energy’s Cold Store containers allow a leading international brewery to keep their reactor vessels in reliable temperature-controlled environment and maintain consistency of the fermentation process.
ICS provided two customised, high-cube 40-feet refrigerated container units with heavy-duty ramp, delivered as part of the Cold Store hire solutions.
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GASTOP flex masterbatch
The latest Financial Time (FT)/Statista ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies has just been published, and leading UK-based 3D printing bureau 3DPRINTUK is delighted to have made the cut.
The company was placed as the third fastest growing manufacturer in the United Kingdom, showing just how impressively 3DPRINTUK has performed.
platten press
Gary Moore, sales director at UNTHA UK, looks at how the plastic recycling conversation is evolving in industry and what this means for more difficult applications.
As we look towards the next 12 months, we’ll likely see attention being directed towards the ‘trickier’ side of plastic recycling — specifically in relation to flexible, or soft, plastics.
Equiplast exhibition
The Board of Directors of Piovan S.p.A. approves the financial statements for the year 2022, the year that saw the consolidation of IPEG, Inc. as of 1 February. 531.4 million in revenues.
Consolidated Adjusted EBITDA amounted to € 62.7 million (excluding certain non-recurring items from EBITDA), 11.8% of revenue and other income, up 53% compared to 2021.
multi coloured kayaks
Containers for today’s logistics have to be stackable, feature IML barcodes, integrated RFIDs and, of course, the logo of the company that owns them.
Switzerland’s Georg Utz AG has specialised in this application, and for this reason it has commissioned the country’s largest injection moulding machine, a KraussMaffei MX 4000-75000.
With the ever-increasing amount of plastic waste collected for recycling, the ability to remove effectively contaminants including metal has never been more important.
Magnetic separators attract hold and separate ferrous metals, whilst metal detectors identify both ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination.
Producing a mould tool can come at a large expense. Whilst this initial outlay is worth it due to the economies of scale that come with producing hundreds of thousands of plastic mouldings, avoiding unnecessary costs during the process is still important.
Selecting the right partner to work with is key to your success and bottom line.
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